ChemDraw for iPad: A review

So, I have finally gotten around to writing a blog post on the (relatively) new ChemDraw app. Along with many other bloggers, I was given a free download of the app.

I was really excited to hear that ChemDraw were bringing out an app. I rarely fire up the laptop at home these days, I usually browse the internet and even watch TV on my iPad, as it is much quicker and easier. The one thing I do always use my laptop for, however, is ChemDraw Ultra 10 as I couldn’t write my reports or blog posts without it.

To really test out ChemDraw for iPad, I decided to do my structure drawings for a recent blog post on the iPad only. The structures were drawn and emailed directly from the app (as PNG files) with the images then uploaded directly into the blog post without any further editing. The structures have more white space around them than I’d like, but considering how easy this process was, I think the structures don’t like half bad!

Alternatively, I recently took ChemDraw for iPad to a conference (luckily the conference was after the update that included the ability to write notes). I tried to keep notes during the talks with the app, rather than with a simple pen and paper. I was actually rather surprised that I did manage to make detailed notes quickly that were much more legible than those that I could ever write by hand.

In summary, I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy ChemDraw for iPad is to use and how quickly structures can be drawn. I will be using it regularly at conferences from now on. As an aside, although I haven’t used it for this purpose, I really think it could be a really fun teaching tool too!