Hi all,

I am a chemistry postdoc in the UK and I love all areas of science but particularly organic chemistry. I also have a keen interest in clean technologies, flow chemistry and fluorine. This blog was inspired my trip to the hairdresser and the realisation that chemistry really is everywhere. The posts will mainly be about science in every day life, my life in the lab with the occasional post on new and interesting research publications.

As other bloggers have said, blogging is a hobby and one which I enjoy. I have this blog so that I can share random/interesting facts and stories with you, whilst improving my writing ability. If you have any tips or comments, please do share in the comments section, by tweeting me or by emailing  TheOrganicSolutionBlog at gmail dot com.

Happy reading.


P.S The views in this blog are my own and no reflection on any institutions that I may be associated with. I have been known to be wrong on occasion, so don’t take everything I have written as gospel!

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