Happy (belated) birthday to me!

So BRSM blog just celebrated his two year blog birthday (blog-iversary?) and he reminded me about my recent one year blog-iversary so I thought I would totally steal his idea. Sorry dude!

My blog started out as somewhere where I shared information about how we came about chemistry in everyday life but became a more whimsical place where I dispensed random ideas and thoughts with the world. I had planned to write a post at the end of May about what I have learnt about blogging over the past year blah blah blah but postdoc and real life got in the way. Instead, I have decided to cheat and take a leaf out of young BRSM’s book and share my top three posts of the OTC Year 1 (ish).

1) My top post from the past year was “The Girl with Zero Hangovers. Yes, I have still really never had a hangover. Thanks must go to the @NatureChemistry blogroll for putting this post and my blog on the map!

2) My personal favourite post comes in at number 2: “My Academic Family II“. The tree has since been updated  so do take a look. This was my favourite post because it started out as a small idea and turned in to something huge thanks mainly to Twitter. Just look how many names are now on there! Feel free to continue to send me names to add to the tree. If I had more time on my hands, the tree would be immense, but alas, no one pays me to make pretty pictures for my blog…

3) My third top post was “Identical Twins but not Identical Income” which I posted a few days after my blog-iversary (yes, I am cheating yet again). It has already had massive hits after only twelve days and is well on its way to being my most popular post to date. Thanks must go to CJ for highlighting this post on his own blog.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my first year in the blogosphere. Thanks, especially, to all those bloggers who joined in with the #realtimechem week blog carnival. My highlight as a “firsty” was being asked to contribute to the Nature Chemistry blogroll, so heartfelt thanks to all the guys over there.

Here’s to many more years of The Organic Solution. Cheers!

Blog Roll

The recent publication of my blog roll in Nature Chemistry and The Sceptical Chemist has inspired me to share what blog posts I have been reading lately.

New Blogs that are worth a gander:

Behind NMR Lines is a newish blog that has recently started a new hashtag called #chemclub which is designed to encourage us all to read more literature. I hope this takes off as much as #realtimechem did. Good luck to you guys.

Labtimes is a brand new blog and I know it will be a good’un so watch that space.

I am sure you have all caught up with BlogSyn, but if you haven’t, head on over. Now!

Oldies but Goodies:*

SeeArrOh demonstrates his awesomeness at blogging by sharing three posts in one day, my favourite being Friday Fun – Chemistry Craig’s List

Chemjobber asks: what do you have to say about your younger coworkers? I expected more comments about disgruntled older employees, but happily, this is not the case with one commenter saying “My experience working with the young-uns (<35 and <30) has been about the same as working with the oldsters: some are a delight, and some are jerks. No real trend one versus t’other.”

Biochembelle shares her Harebrained Scheme for Science Careers Training. I particularly agree with the point that ” programs and advisers should be invested in the career training of their students and postdocs”.

Something a bit different:

More stories from the UK – China – Japan – UK conference journey overland from Lowco2motives. The writer shares some very funny and scary stories! Go on, take a look!

That is all for now but if you find a new and exciting blog then let me know, I am always on the lookout for more interesting stories/articles etc to read.

*experienced bloggers, not old, decrepit scientists. I think.