My holiday

Chembark recently shared his vacation experiences. He had some awesome pictures and highlighted a few chemistry-related places along his route including: Pd-ville and Cu-mountain. This got me to thinking about the chemistry that I may have come across on my recent holiday to the States.

My holiday started in the hot, humid, precipitating New York City.

1073139_10100555720723623_1384286721_o (2)

Yes, I did buy a poncho.

1071116_10100555718153773_139738303_o (2)

We spent much of our time eating and drinking but we saw some amazing sights along the way. A highlight for me was seeing the awesomely strange Flat-Fe building.

981800_10100555721916233_1624610497_o (2)

Fluorescent lights beamed from every New York skyscraper. I have no idea what type of lights the skyscapers use but don’t they look so darn pretty?

980362_10100555730034963_1408137528_o (2)

No trip to NYC would be complete without a wander around the Natural History Museum gardens to see the memorial celebrating all of the American Nobel Prize winners. We tried to spot our favourite Nobel prize winning chemists (biologists?)…


From New York, we headed south to Washington DC.

We spent a frantic day running around trying to see as many of the monuments and museums as humanly possible. Firstly, we stopped to ogle at the White House, which it turns out is white due to bring white washed with mixture of lime, rice glue, casein, and Pb.

1071567_10100555736516973_1511035797_o (2)

From there we headed to the Mall. I love the Mall. I especially like the colour of all the Smithsonian buildings. The iconic red brick sandstone Smithsonian castle gets its colour from iron oxide, whereas our favourite monument, the Lincoln Memorial, is made out of various types of limestone and marble.

1072133_10100555736666673_2037023183_o (2)

Finally, no trip to DC would be complete without a trip to our beloved ACS.


Thanks to everyone who made my holiday amazing, you know who you are!

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