The awesome blogosphere has been joining in on the Blog Party in aid of @BRSM_Blog’s imminent departure from the UK. Here is a round-up of the posts so far. Have you written a post? If so, just share on twitter using the hashtag #brsmblogparty. If you don’t have a blog but want to offer some advice, just post in the comments section.

#BRSMBlogParty posts so far:

@Jessthechemist (me) gives BRSM a list of things to watch out for.

@azaprins implores you to keep blogging!

@Stuartcantrill kicked things off with a list of things that BRSM should know including that “bacon is somewhat limited and sausage is not sausage as you know it”. So true.

@SeeArrOh then posted a wonderful A Poste-docke Limerick with a fabulous ending line – “And never say no to some pub perks”.

@Chemtips talks language barriers and the class system. I particularly like that “all British accents are appreciated, and all can lend authority to your words”.

@MEvans86 advises BRSM to be nice to grad students…and to not be afraid to challenge your advisor.

@V_Saggiomo tells BRSM to run while you still can but since you can’t do that he does advise you to “always close the separatory funnel”.

@KarlDCollins gives some useful tips including to “quickly identify the most helpful/knowledgable PhD students and be as nice to them as possible”.

@ChemJobber tells BRSM to buy a car and explore because in “any direction you drive, there will be something different that is worth seeing”.

@_byronmiller has also joined in the party. He puts the case forward for BRSM to make videos a la Vittorio!

@Chembark has some top tips including this oh so true one: Try to be nice to—or at least respectful of—your colleagues

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