BRSM Blog Party: Bon Voyage BRSM

Welcome to the BRSM blog party. In a few weeks @BRSM_blog will be heading to the US of A to start his new life as a postdoc. As a goodbye gift, the chemistry blogosphere decided to give him a send off in the form of blog posts.

If you want to join in the party, then just write a blog post (either your own or using the template that I have used below) and share it on twitter using the hashtag #BRSMblogparty or give your advice in the form of comments below.

Here is my entry:

Jess (@jessthechemist), postdoc.

1. What is your message for BRSM?
Have a great time. Work hard but don’t forget to have fun. You are in a beautiful and exciting country. Explore it!

2. What is one postdoc survival tip you would give to BRSM?
Say yes to new opportunities. You never know what you will learn. I wouldn’t have predicted that I would learn how to use a 50 L vessel!

3. Do you have a fun story you could share from your postdoc and/or US academic experience?
Sometimes people give you work to proof read and it is terrible. Be nice and help them out. You were there once, remember.

4. A survival tip for living in the US?

I lived in the US for a year when I was 18. Here are some random tips I picked up along the way:

  • Meals are served in huge portions. Do not eat all your meal or you will come back to the UK obese.
  • Always say yes if you are offered s’mores. They rock.
  • Bagels taste better in NYC.
  • Hazelnut syrup does not belong in coffee.
  • Americans will not recognise where you are from in the UK so you should always just say London.
  • Right turn on red is awesome. Use it.

5. What would you like to see on BRSM blog in the future?

Keep us updated with postdoc life in the US and keep #blogsyn-ing.

6. Anything else?


4 thoughts on “BRSM Blog Party: Bon Voyage BRSM

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