#Realtimechem Carnival: Friday #Freehandrings

On Thursday morning a lab mate asked me how good my freehand drawings were. I obviously accepted the challenge and gave the drawings of benzene and cyclohexane a go. As I often do, I then tweeted about it to see if anyone else was up for the challenge (#freehandrings)



@Realtimechem and I were then inundated by tweets with people giving #freehandrings a go. Here are a selection of the attempts. If you haven’t had a go at drawing, then feel free to tweet a pic using #realtimechem and/or #freehandrings




Again, the @Naturechemistry gang and @Carmendrahl show us how it is really done and even throw in some 7-membered rings




Only to be shown up by @seearroh and then @Reedroberts


We have had a lot of different #freehandrings from many a tweep. Please continue to have a go at the simple and more complex rings!




3 thoughts on “#Realtimechem Carnival: Friday #Freehandrings

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