#Realtimechemcarnival: Tuesday Musings

I am at a computational course this week, learning about how synthetic chemists can use computational chemistry to aid their work so apologies for this post being late.

This post is about my trip to a bar called The Alchemist in my home town. It is a really nice bar that sells really yummy cocktails. As the name suggests, there is a chemical spin on most of the cocktails.

1) Preparing the glasses with ice

Cocktail 1


2) Making sugar syrup with fire

cocktail fire


3) My labmate drinking a dry ice based cocktail

dry ice


4) A colour changing cocktail (blue + yellow = pink) served in conical flasks!

conical flasks


5) A meringue cocktail….

meringue cocktail


6) ..which was blow-torched to give the charred topping

meringue fire


It is great to see that people were really excited about the funky ways that the cocktails were being made. I loved the idea of serving things in conical flasks and other chemistry-based items. The barman even measured out the spirits using syringes. Very cool!

4 thoughts on “#Realtimechemcarnival: Tuesday Musings

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  2. When I was an undergrad I talked with my friends about opening a bar called “The Lab” in case chemistry didn’t quite worked for us. Drinks would be served in beakers or measuring cylinders, peanuts in mortars and shots in test tubes. Waiters would wear lab coats (gender and coat length seemed to be an issue with our female colleagues). We’d all sorts of ideas for naming our own cocktails and all.
    That idea is still in the back burner in case real chemistry doesn’t work.

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