#Realtimechem Carnival Round up: Day 2


Here is the #realtimechemcarnival summary from day 2. Come on people, get blogging about chemistry and join in the carnival. If you don’t have a blog then just ask and I will host you.

1) Vittorio at Labsolutely responds to my favourite kit post by sharing what the things that have been with him for a long time

2) Joaquin again gives us a really great post on what his day involves. I really like the diary format he has chosen.

3) Andrew at Behind NMR Lines continues his Chemistry Classics theme with a truly excellent post on NMR. It is really worth a read!

4) Chad the The Collapsed Wavefunction gives us a super tour of his lab.

5) Trent at Taking Care of Bismuth shows us all how to do a titration at home! Yes, really.

6) Penny keeps the carnival going by posting again, but this time on geochemistry. It is really great to see non-traditional chemists joining in with #realtimechem. Thanks Penny!

7) I show you how much chemistry can be fun…in the pub!

9) Again, Kat shares her day in the lab with us. Jay will be pleased to see the TLC plates!

That is all for day 2.

Don’t forget to keep blogging through the week and tag your posts on Twitter with #realtimechemcarnival.

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