#Realtimechem Carnival Round up: Day 1


Here is a summary of all the posts from the #realtimechemcarnival. If I have missed any out, then do tell me! If you plan on writing posts for the carnival this week, then just share here or on twitter.

1) Andrew over at Behind NMR Lines starts his week of “Chemistry Classics” posts with an excellent history on column chromatography. It is a really interesting read, so head over now!

2) Penny at Paleopix reminisces about the awesome meme, #overlyhonestmethods

3) Joaquin, a computational chemist, who blogs at Joaquin Barroso’s blog, shares various aspects of his #realtimechem day with us.

4) Leigh at The Bunsen Boerner tells us a secret: she misses the lab.

5) Kat is doing a great job sharing her open access project with the world. Head over to Open Source Catalysis to see some great chemistry and lovely pictures.

6) Last but not least, I shared my favourite lab toys with you here.

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