#Realtimechemcarnival: Monday Musings

Regular visitors to my blog will recall a post on my favourite lab artefact, the Soxhlet extractor. Since it is #realtimechem week, I thought I would take the opportunity to share my other favourite pieces of lab kit. Back in my PhD days, I would have had to say that this was my fluorination microreactor but now I love pieces of equipment more common to regular synthetic labs.

So, here are my top 4 things in my current lab:

1) My CLEAN sinter funnels. I keep these under lock and key and clean them obsessively


2) My precious supply of magnetic stirrer bars, also kept away from pesky students


3) My NMR tube stand. I love it because I am obsessed with organising and because it makes my bench top look a little brighter!


4) My giant Buchner funnel, just because it is so huge!

Big Buchner

What are your favourite pieces of lab equipment?

Either share your thoughts here or over on twitter. Remember to use the hashtag #realtimechem since it is RTC week.

12 thoughts on “#Realtimechemcarnival: Monday Musings

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