My academic family

A short blog post….

I realised today that @KarlDCollins, who blogs at A Retrosynthetic Life, and I have an academic connection: his PhD supervisor (Procter), was my 1st postdoc supervisor’s (Rayner) PhD student. It then came to my attention that @_byronmiller, who blogs at Behind NMR Lines, was in the same lab as Karl for his Masters degree project.

This got me to wondering: what other academic connections do I have out there with my blog followers and tweeps?

Feel free to email me at theorganicsolutionblog at gmail dot com or leave a comment below!

P.S Apart from twitter folk, I have a connection to a Nobel Prize winning chemist, which is almost like me winning one, right? George Olah was my PhD supervisor’s (Sandford) postdoc boss over in the US of A.


11 thoughts on “My academic family

  1. I’m also in @_byronmiller’s lab, so we have a connection too! I’m not as cool as you though; three steps away from EJ Corey 😦 Although I’m great great chemistry granddad is Robert Robinson, which IMO is even cooler 😀

  2. Not sure if my branch lies within your lineage but I’ll give it a shot: My phd advisor was Prof. J. A. Cogordan (Mexico) who got his phd from Prof. Per O. Löwdin (Uppsala, Sweeden; founder of the International Journal of Computational Chemistry)

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