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The recent publication of my blog roll in Nature Chemistry and The Sceptical Chemist has inspired me to share what blog posts I have been reading lately.

New Blogs that are worth a gander:

Behind NMR Lines is a newish blog that has recently started a new hashtag called #chemclub which is designed to encourage us all to read more literature. I hope this takes off as much as #realtimechem did. Good luck to you guys.

Labtimes is a brand new blog and I know it will be a good’un so watch that space.

I am sure you have all caught up with BlogSyn, but if you haven’t, head on over. Now!

Oldies but Goodies:*

SeeArrOh demonstrates his awesomeness at blogging by sharing three posts in one day, my favourite being Friday Fun – Chemistry Craig’s List

Chemjobber asks: what do you have to say about your younger coworkers? I expected more comments about disgruntled older employees, but happily, this is not the case with one commenter saying “My experience working with the young-uns (<35 and <30) has been about the same as working with the oldsters: some are a delight, and some are jerks. No real trend one versus t’other.”

Biochembelle shares her Harebrained Scheme for Science Careers Training. I particularly agree with the point that ” programs and advisers should be invested in the career training of their students and postdocs”.

Something a bit different:

More stories from the UK – China – Japan – UK conference journey overland from Lowco2motives. The writer shares some very funny and scary stories! Go on, take a look!

That is all for now but if you find a new and exciting blog then let me know, I am always on the lookout for more interesting stories/articles etc to read.

*experienced bloggers, not old, decrepit scientists. I think.

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