My desk – is it normal?

A bit of a random post today but I was just wondering what your working environment is like?

How cluttered is your desk? Do you have something special/different/odd on it? Do you even have a desk of your own?

I have recently been told that I have a lot of stuff on my desk but I think my desk is pretty typical for a lab based chemist. My desk is an environment of organised chaos with everything I need to hand and I can always tell when the cleaner has been and shuffled things around.  The contents of my desk are as follows:

  • My laptop, unsurprisingly, with headphones and mouse attached.
  • Recent spectra
  • Relevant/interesting publications
  • The all-important tea mug
  • Highlighters of every colour (unless one of my lab mates has stolen one)
  • Safety specs of varying sizes
  • Hand cream (because acetone makes my hands dry)
  • A to do list which I re-do every Friday, after hopefully crossing most of the week’s planned work off.
  • Clayden aka “The Green Bible” – The organic chemists must have text book.

So do share…what is on/in your desk?

P.S. If you haven’t already, head over to Stu’s blog, Chemical Connections to check out his latest twitter elements post. It is already my favourite blog post of 2013.

6 thoughts on “My desk – is it normal?

  1. A model kit and a giant pile of spectra/publications/notes (quite cluttered). I’ve built a small library of useful textbooks on a nearby bookshelf (Clayden included), and if needed borrow hand cream from another member of the lab.

    Missing: Every conceivable writing implement. I suspect gremlins.

  2. Mine it’s a mess, and I’ve been warned multiple times.
    what do I have: naturally the computer, multiple books, thousand of papers (chromatograms,spectra,publications,wanderings, to do list(s), and so on), different cables, portable hard drive(s). Stereo and speakers, sometimes my squash shoes and racquet, no cup(s) as my desk in in the lab.
    pictures here:

    and here, because the mess was not enough, some colleagues decide to sprinkle my desk with confetti for my birthday…. well most of them are still there….

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